„The Matter of Space” in Daugavpils Mark Rothko Art Centre, Latvia

Ceramics ,,Flower” exhibition „ The Matter of Space” in Daugavpils Mark Rothko Art Centre, curator Aivars Baranovskis , Marta Wróblewska, cooperation Kate Lipecky – The Sculpture Foundation.

Katarzyna Lipecky, Flower , text , curator, Marta Wróblewska


A flower growing out from the soil is a direct connector between the man and the earth. This

particular relation has always relied either on the drive to take control over the in fact uncontrollable forces of nature, or to find a way to harmonize with them. Katarzyna Lipecky’s close research of the matter of nature constitutes a sort of meditation, allowing the artist to harness the inner chaos which is the starting point of her creative process.


Lipecky’s creative process is to a great extent based on the notion of synesthesia. The artist develops each work in the course of extremely intensive sensory and cognitive experience. This stimulation of both physical and intellectual self opens much more profound perception of organic detail later on transferred into a work of art. That is why the objects created by Lipecky are based on the profound understanding of mimesis, being, on the one hand, hyper- realistic and thus almost abstract, as if perceived through a microscope, and on the other hand very sensual, haptic, almost in live motion.

Work of Art

The ceramic anthurium becomes simultaneously an esthetical and a biological structure. Its final form was inspired by tensions and movements accompanying the processes taking place in nature. They became the point of departure for the multilayered and multidirectional growth of the artistic sculpted matter which eventually assumed an imaginative, hybrid structure. One that derived directly from nature, yet cannot be identified with anything that exists in it, as it has been filtrated through the sensitivity of the artist and constitutes a reflection of both the outside objective reality and the inside subjective world of the person who created it.